Imagine waking to one of the most enchanting views on earth..

Welcome to Ubud, the artistic and cultural centre of Bali. Ubud reflects Indonesia’s rich culture & island beauty. An idyllic haven for rejuvenation, exploration and retreats.

Endless possibilities

In this magical setting, we extend to you our warmest welcome to participate in a delicious selection of unique culinary experiences and to enjoy our hospitality.

Our Honeymoon Guesthouses, five minutes from the heart of Ubud, offer elegant Balinese style guest rooms in a lush tropical setting.

Our restaurants, Casa Luna, Bar Luna and Indus are all close by. The Honeymoon Bakery is situated near the original Honeymoon Guesthouse and the Casa Luna Cooking School is just across the road at Second Honeymoon.

Our story, spanning more than 20 years, is detailed in “Fragrant Rice”, a journey into the rich texture of Balinese life. It also includes delicious local recipes passed down through generations of my husband’s family.

Bali; The Food of My Island Home is a further foray into Indonesian food, with magnificent photos and more of my favourite recipes with stories.

Casa Luna is the home of the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival that was created in 2004 in response to the first Bali bombings. Since then, it has been rated “among the top 6 literary festivals in the world” by Harpers Bazaar and brings to Bali some of the world’s most brilliant minds.

Immerse yourself in the tranquillity, warmth and well-being that cradles this island paradise. And enjoy our Balinese home!

Food as Medicine Spice Tour with Janet DeNeefe

Ambon – Lease Islands – Banda – Ambon
Expert Cruise Led by: Janet DeNeefe

Seatrek Spice Tour

Cruise Summary:
Discover the Indonesian Spice Islands with all of your senses. Your senses of smell, taste and adventure will all be peaked to the max on this all-inclusive, eight-day culinary tour and exploration of the tiny islands that shaped a whole world of flavour.

Every day you can look forward to engaging encounters while visiting the many islands on our route. On these embarkations, you will tour markets with Australian-born, Balinese culinary expert, Janet DeNeefe, and her team. You will smell, touch, taste and learn about the spices that first intoxicated traders throughout the new world, while meeting the local people and witnessing the culture of these little-known corners of the Earth. Finally, you will, of course, dine on local favourites from menus that have been especially selected to highlight the exotic flavours that you have just experienced.

By night, there will be opportunities to deepen your own culinary knowledge by creating fragrant meals with other members of the group in cooking classes led by Janet. As always, on the Ombak Putih, there will be plenty of time for rest and relaxation with a refreshing drink and a book in our comfortable deck lounge. Alternatively, you can simply steal away and take in the incomparable views as we wend our way through the islands.

If heightened adventure is your desire, there is ample time to snorkel, kayak and stand-up paddleboard through the shimmering blue waters. Lined with clove and nutmeg trees, the islands are as fragrant as they are beautiful, boasting dramatic volcanoes, pristine beaches, and crystal clear waters lined with vibrant coral reefs.
Come follow in the footsteps of maritime explorers and tantalise your untamable taste buds as we indulge in all that the fragrant and fiery Spice Islands have to offer.

Note: Guests will meet the Ombak Putih on the island of Ambon. As we would like to start early, we recommend our guests arrive in Ambon one day before embarkation or take the very early morning flight from Makassar at 3.35 am. The airfares to and from Ambon are not included in the tour package. Our SeaTrek office will be happy to assist you with any information and local flight reservations.


Casa Luna Restaurant

Indus Restaurant

Bar Luna

Casa Luna Cooking School

The Emporium

The Honeymoon Guesthouse

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